Ask Me Anything

Cabinet reshuffle ‘Ask Me Anything’ hosted live by John Rentoul

John Rentoul has been busy keeping up to speed with all the ministerial changes implemented this week in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle. Our chief political commentator will be on hand to answer your questions about what it means

Ask a Covid expert anything about ‘breakthrough infections’

The issue of infections among the double-jabbed is on the mind of many. Our science correspondent Samuel Lovett and Covid expert Aris Katzourakis will be on hand to answer your questions

Adult social care expert Steve Scown to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’ live

Ask trained learning disability nurse and charity chief executive Steve Scown about the social care sector’s perspective on the government’s plans

John Rentoul hosts ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Boris Johnson’s tax rise plan

After the momentous announcement of a new ‘health and social care levy’, The Independent’s chief political commentator John Rentoul will try to answer your questions about the political implications

UK departs from Afghanistan: Defence editor to host ‘Ask Me Anything’

After 20 years international forces are leaving Afghanistan and our defence editor Kim Sengupta will be answering your questions on the current situation there and what is likely to happen next

The Independent launches Breaking News email alerts

Keep up to speed with all the latest breaking news from around the world with our new newsletter alert

The Independent hosts ‘Ask Me Anything’ on EU settlement scheme live

On deadline day for EU nationals to apply to retain residency in the UK following Brexit, get involved with our latest ‘AMA’ and have your key questions answered by our social affairs correspondent

Simon Calder answers your questions on the ‘green list’

As holiday isles get the tentative green light this summer, Simon Calder will take your travel questions – with an emphasis on island escapes