Museum of London displays Londoner's personal maps of the capital

Peter Watts
Sunday 23 October 2011 08:13

If you were drawing a map of where you lived, what would you leave out and what would you include? Would you put in every street? Every house? Every tree? This question was posed last year by Londonist (, a website that asked readers to send them their personal maps of London. The results – which included a map of central Hackney featuring every house – were so impressive that 11 of the maps collected are being displayed at the Museum of London later this month.

"We'd been doing digital maps on the site for while, mapping everything from wi-fi hotspots to war bombsites," says Matt Brown, Londonist's co-editor. "These were popular and informative, but they lack a certain character, so as an antidote we asked readers to do something creative and show us in maps what London means to them," says Brown. "Like the map of New Cross, which makes it look like a sylvan wilderness of trees and meadows because the artist has overemphasised the parks and green spaces."

Hand-Drawn London, Museum of London, London EC2 (020-7001 9844) 21 April to 11 September

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