Portfolio: Nicky Walsh and Max Faber's food images pay homage to Bauhaus art movement


Gillian Orr
Sunday 08 December 2013 01:00

After a trip to Berlin's Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design, the photographer Nicky Walsh and food stylist Max Faber, both 34, came up with the idea of capturing food in a way that paid homage to the German art movement.

Having moved to Berlin from London in 2011, Walsh met German-born Faber while searching online for someone to work with on a blog project. Inspired by artists such as the Hungarian Bauhaus painter Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, the duo used foods from fresh fruit to salmon and cocoa to reimagine the clean lines and dramatic compositions of the early-20th-century design school.

"I wanted something with a retro feel that let us make the food part of the composition," says Walsh. "[Choosing which food to use] was purely aesthetic."

While Berlin is not known for its food scene, Walsh insists that the city is beginning to approach food-styling in a new way. "Germany in general is a bit behind food trendwise, but I've found that art directors are looking to move away from the high-finished, studio-set food photography and are looking to reinject art, style and atmosphere back into food work. Which, of course, is great for us."

For more: nickywalsh.de

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