Richard Prince: An American in Paris

Matilda Battersby@matildbattersby
Wednesday 07 October 2015 09:41

American artist Richard Prince has two exhibitions opening in Paris this week.

The artists’ homage to Willem de Kooning, a series of abstract expressionist-style paintings, opened at the Gagosian Gallery yesterday. While a collection of Prince’s ephemera opened at the Bibliothèque nationale de France today.

The Bibliothèque nationale show is inspired by Jim Morrison’s poem ‘An American Prayer’. It includes several of Prince’s famous “rephotographs” as well as a selection of books and snapshots, other personal items and his famous ‘Nurse’ paintings.

Despite their proximity, the contrast between the two shows could not be more obvious.

Prince’s de Kooning works are gestural, sketchy pieces combining painting and drawing with cut out images of torsos and genitalia.

“It was time to pay homage to an artist I really like,” Prince said in a statement. “Some people worship at the altar – I believe in de Kooning.”

Click here or on the image to preview both exhibitions in pictures

'Richard Prince: de Kooning' is at the Gagosian Gallery until 21 May; and 'Richard Prince: American Prayer' is at the Bibliothèque nationale de France until 26 June.

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