Rio 2016: Team GB Olympic medal winners sketch their victories

Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Max Whitlock and more picked up a Sharpie 

Christopher Hooton
Monday 22 August 2016 10:50
Britain’s most successful female Olympian Laura Trott's sketch
Britain’s most successful female Olympian Laura Trott's sketch

Sometimes nothing expresses jubilation quite like a simple stick person doodle, and adidas harnessed this by getting some of Team GB's biggest medal winners at the Rio 2016 Olympics to sketch the moment they were victorious in their respective events.

Athletes including Laura Trott, Max Whitlock, Justin Rose, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Tom Daley committed their feelings to paper, and British illustrators Gabe Cuthbert, Alex Williamson and James Carey were then challenged with bringing these simple depictions to life.

You can view all of the sketches and illustrations in the gallery below.

Laura Trott, who is Britain’s most successful female Olympian with four gold medals, chose to commemorate the moment she shared with fiancée Jason Kenny. Laura said: “I picked the moment where I went and kissed Jason after his win in the Kierin to win his sixth Gold Medal.

"It was a mixture of relief but also feeling so happy for him. The atmosphere was incredible, it was like a switch flicked on and he just became a superstar.

"I remember crying and he just had this massive smile on his face. Even though there were cameras everywhere, it felt like a moment for us. It was the perfect end to the Games."

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