The Word On:..Sony's E-Reader

Sunday 23 October 2011 05:01

The screen is a wonder. A techno numpty like me cannot begin to understand how it works but it is like no other display you've seen... There is no glare, no reflection to speak of. It looks great and is a pleasure to read... It is a dinky thing, small and light, like an A-format novella. Suffice to say, it is a gorgeous object and it does the job.

Scott Pack(

I think I'd also throw a few quid in the direction of Project Gutenberg and provide a Sony Reader-friendly version of every single thing in their vast collection. And I'd make it easy to pop 500 classic novels on to the Reader for those just-in-case moments... Then I'd approach other content providers so that online papers and magazines got the help they needed to offer Sony Reader-formatted editions.

Rob Jones(

I think e-readers represent a cul-de-sac technology: they'll go off on their own merry way... and then the technology will be bundled back into the third generation i-phones and their competitors. I can see it being a gateway drug that might lead some innocent young thing from the safety of reading on a screen to the hardcore activity of reading... real books.

Mark Thwaite(

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