How to find the Halloween Harry Potter stories on Pottermore

Having trouble locating JK Rowling's new writing? This might help

Matilda Battersby
Friday 31 October 2014 13:07 GMT
JK Rowling has released another 'story' on Pottermore
JK Rowling has released another 'story' on Pottermore

There are 5,000 new words written by JK Rowling on the web today. But how does one find them?

The Pottermore website is something of a maze. The whole office was flummoxed by the lack of pointers when it came to where the exciting new writing might actually be.

What we realised after an age of attempting reveal spells is that the six stories are littered throughout Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book five) which has just gone live.

How to find it:

First log into

  • To get to Book 5 click on the Phoenix symbol at the bottom of the home page

  • Any moments with JKR writing in them are signalled by a red quill.

  • You will find the following J.K. Rowling writing in the below Moments:

  • The Atrium – Double click on the phone box, it will take you to the Ministry, double click again to zoom in and click on a notice board- writing is Ministers for Magic 

  • The Carriages – Click on the Thestral - writing is Thestrals  

  • Dolores Jane Umbridge – double click on the door, you then move to her office, click on Umbridge writing is Dolores Jane Umbridge 

  • Trelawny is sacked – double click on the image (anywhere) to zoom in, click on Trelawny - writing writing is Trewlawny

  • Row Ninety-Seven – no need to double click here, click on a 'orb' third shelf from the bottom on the right hand sidewriting is Naming Seers 

  • The Tattered Veil – double click on the image (anywhere) to zoom in and then click on Bellatrix - writing is Azkaban 

The most in-depth story (I mean "essay", sorry) concerns Dolores Umbridge, Hogwarts High Inquisitor and Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

The rest involve fairly fraudulent Divination teacher Professor Trelawny, some more information about Thestrals (the magical flying creatures one can only see if one has witnessed death), the wizarding prison Azkaban, details of all those who have held the position of Minister for Magic and an introduction to the ancient art of Naming Seers.

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