Album: Maurizio Barbetti, Rossella Spinosa, Cage, Feldman: In a Silent Way (Stradivarius)

Andy Gill
Thursday 16 January 2014 03:33

The chamber-jazz label ECM used to market itself with "The next best sound to silence", an apophthegm more appropriately applied to the New York School composers John Cage and his friend Morton Feldman.

Compared to his later five-hour opus "For Philip Guston", for example, the 1963 "Piano Piece (to Philip Guston)" included here is a model of stark brevity. The seven Cage pieces include the popular "Dream" and "In A Landscape", which confirm his music was about beauty, rather than theory.

Download this: 'Dream', 'The Viola In My Life, Pt 3', 'In a Landscape', 'Piano Piece (to Philip Guston)', 'Eight Whiskus'

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