FASHION / Out Siders

Justine Picardie
Saturday 22 October 2011 23:17

SO FAR this year, fashion editors have exhorted their readers to celebrate the return of the short, short skirt. You've seen it in Vogue, you've seen it on these pages, too. But while teeny-weeny skirts and stilettos and white socks are all very well if you're a spindly 18-year-old who wants to look like Lolita, other people may be slightly less keen. Apart from anything else, it's still a bit chilly to be exposing vast expanses of leg. But do not despair: as these pictures show, there are some long, warm clothes to be found - battered second-hand sheepskin and comfortable suede and sensible woollies. So you can look romantically Prussian and keep your knees warm in February gales.

(Photographs omitted)

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