On the agenda: Ophelia Lovibond; Uppinakudru Yakshagana String Puppets; Sex and the City’; Mind Body and Spirit Festival; Alexander Melamid

A Cosmo with a twist. Plus, we want a full-size portrait of Jay-Z! Or failing that, a rabbi...

Sunday 23 October 2011 03:29


After a break-out performance as John Lennon's flame in acclaimed 2009 flick Nowhere Boy, British actress Ophelia Lovibond has a slew of meaty projects on the go, including twisty thriller, out Wednesday week; a part opposite Nowhere Boy and Kick-Ass's Aaron Johnson in psychological drama Chatroom, showing now at Cannes; and a key role as the fiery friend to Keira Knightley's faded model in London Boulevard, out next February. Hmm, an ingénue and a fading star. Could this be an All About Eve moment?

Adam Jacques


If you enjoyed Avenue Q, but prefer your puppets with a bit of ancient culture, head to west London's Bhavan Centre tonight at 6.30pm to catch a performance by the Uppinakudru Yakshagana String Puppets. Hailing from the southern Indian state of Karnataka, the 350-year-old tradition of Yakshagana puppetry involves 18-inch, elaborately dressed puppets being brought to life to tell emotionally charged epic folk tales. Tonight's performance will be put on by a 10-man troupe. Epic, indeed. bhavan.net

Nina Lakhani


Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are back on Thursday, with new dresses, new love interests and a new location. But couldn't the 'Sex and the City' girls do with a new take on their all-time favourite, the Cosmopolitan? Lucky for them, mixologist Zoran Peric has come up with a zesty update for upscale London bar Skylon to celebrate the drink's 25th anniversary. You'll need 40ml plain Skyy vodka, 25ml orange liqueur, half a freshly squeezed lime and 20ml cranberry juice. Shake and serve in a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with an orange-flavour caramelised twist dipped in chocolate. (Though not quite as glam, Sainsbury's shredded crystallised orange peel will do...)



Do calm down, Adam! Most of us have had a momentary meltdown – albeit not quite as publicly as Mr Boulton's rant at Alastair Campbell. But can we quell our self-sabotaging "dark side"? Oh yes, says Debbie Ford, the bestselling author of Why Good People Do Bad Things, who is leading a masterclass on living with your demons at London's Mind Body and Spirit Festival, where 200 teachers, artists and musicians will deliver workshops with an accent on self-exploration. Wednesday to 31 May, mindbodyspirit.co.uk



The Russian conceptual artist Alexander Melamid has spent a good portion of his career lampooning the art world (teaching elephants to paint being one highlight), but his first European solo exhibition, which hits the UK on Wednesday, plays it pretty straight. Well, as straight as a series of eclectic full-size portraits, ranging from rabbis and Russian oligarchs to hip-hop stars such as 50 Cent and Jay-Z can be – not to mention a self-portrait as "God". On display and for sale at Phillips de Pury gallery, 9 Howick Place, London SW1, to 6 June; phillipsdepury.com



Updating your wardrobe for summer is a fairly self-regarding exercise, so why not give a little back with Velvet's limited-edition slouch T-shirt? The go- to label for sophisticated but casual basics has created this relaxed top with a heart motif, and 100 per cent of profits go towards the rebuilding and redevelopment of post-earthquake Haiti. So you can relax not only in the super-soft signature Californian cotton, but also in the knowledge that you've done your bit for a good cause. £38, velvet-tees.com

Harriet Walker

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