Back to the Future day: It sucks we're not dressing like futuristic 2015 Hill Valley

Actual 2015 looks dreary in comparison

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 20 October 2015 15:15 BST

Forget hoverboards, the real tragedy of the actual 21 October, 2015 as opposed to the one depicted in Back To The Future Pt. II, is the fact that people are wearing sensible chinos and beanies and not pearlescent breast plates and half-functional half-decorative shin pads.

Panderer to corporate culture that he is, Marty McFly was far too engrossed in Pepsi Perfect, Jaws 19 and robotic Texaco gas stations to notice that absolutely everyone was dressed delightfully bonkers and not getting sh*t for being a "hipster".

Here's your alternate universe 21 October, 2015 lookbook:

Marty McFly's mesh dusty red and grey trim jacket with reflective neon baseball cap

Henchman in metallic grey suit with 3D glasses for no apparent reason

Generally all of the antagonists looking like they've emerged from an apocalyptic Las Vegas

The girl in the diner's sea punk skater dress crop top combo

Griff's gang (where to begin): R - L: Gold and black ribbed jacket, mesh undershirt, spiked helmet, ammo belt. Industrial bolero and plastic trilby. Geometric top with bullet casing choker, blood drip eye make-up and icicle bangs. Some sort of cyborg cosplay

Special shout-out to the guy on the right with the oriental-print balloon pants

Doc's shirts. Where does one buy futuristic train with unicorns-print material?

Generally being upside down should have been huge for 2015

As should clashing about 18 different patterns at once

This extra rocking a shark grin jacket like it ain't no thang

And his outfit even having the same design on the back in case you missed it the first time

Now for contrast, the sadness of this actual 2015 ASOS model:

"Your kids Marty, it's your kids! They're dressing like utilitarian potato sacks!"

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