Dave Davies' new film takes fans on a mystical journey

Chris Mugan
Sunday 23 October 2011 05:06
On the path to enlightenment: Dave Davies
On the path to enlightenment: Dave Davies

As a founder of The Kinks, with brother Ray, Dave Davies was a pioneer of the British music explosion that ignited the Sixties. Yet, while he devised the trademark jagged guitar sound that inspired many other beat groups, the younger of the two warring brothers was also on a more ethereal quest.

Since childhood, Dave was as intrigued by the supernatural and spiritual as the earthy blues that led him to pick up the guitar. Now he aims to enlighten us with a film that charts his mystical journey from his mum's tea-leaf reading, through dipping into Dennis Wheatley's horror paperbacks as a teenager, to finding his own gurus.

Along the way, Dave throws light on the formation of The Kinks, the brothers' telepathic understanding and even Ray's Seventies overdose, though fans seeking fresh insight will find paltry fare. Instead, he draws parallels between the rebellion of his rock'n'roll years and the anti-authoritarian nature of his mainly self-taught education.

The bulk of the film is, frankly, as tedious as being cornered at a party by some old hippy chuntering incessantly about realigning your chakras. The veteran musician naturally provides his own soundtrack; with a set of stodgy works that, set alongside "Death of a Clown", prove once and for all that, while New Age philosophy may be good for the soul, it has done nothing for musical taste.

Dave Davies Kronikles: Mystikal Journey is released on 13 September by Detune Films Limited

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