10 spoilers hidden at the start of movies: From Shutter Island to Jaws

Fate was staring you in the face

Jack Shepherd
Monday 28 December 2015 11:36 GMT

Most great films contain at least some form of foreshadowing, whether one of the characters hinting at their own death or Luke’s face appearing in Darth Vaders helmet, foreshadowing the “I am your father” line (It is Star Wars week, we had to mention it).

Sometimes they can almost constitute outright spoilers if worked out by the viewer. Screen Rant has compiled a list of 10 films in which the twist is hidden at the very beginning - most not in annoying 'why would you put that in!' ways but more in the realm of subtle metaphor.

Films in their video include Shaun of the Dead, Jaws, No Country For Old Men and Shutter Island. Watch below:

Other films not mentioned on the list that include foreshadowing - not quite spoilers - at the beginning include Avengers, Jurassic Park and Reservoir Dogs.

In the first Avengers film, in the SHIELD carrier, Tony Stark spots one of the crew members playing Galaga - a game which sees you defend the earth from an alien invasion. At the end of the film, the Avengers save the world from an Alien invasion.

Jurassic Park, meanwhile, features a scene in a helicopter in which Dr. Grant tries to put two female buckles together in an attempt to strap himself in. He eventually just ties the two together, therefore strapping in without a male plug.

All the dinosaurs in the park are female, and aren’t believed to be able to breed, much like two female straps shouldn’t be able to strap someone in but life, uh, finds a way.

Reservoir Dogs also hints at Tim Roth’s Mr. Orange being an inside agent in the very first scene. When Steve Buscemi’s Mr. Pink refuses to pay the tip, Orange rats him out straight away because he’s a copper in disguise.

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