Batman: A mysterious hero dressed as the Dark Knight is hunting down clowns who are terrorising Cumbria

Batman v Joker(s)?

Jack Shepherd
Friday 14 October 2016 16:14 BST

Donald Trump’s almost President of the United States, the UK is leaving the European Union and ‘killer clowns’ are terrorising people around the world. Are we all going mad? Probably.

But at least here’s some good in the world. One man, for instance, is chasing these ‘killer clowns’ out of Cumbria while dressed as Batman.

BBC Cumbria is reporting that a local company named Cumbria Superheroes is responsible for unleashing the Caped Crusader on the Joker-like culprits.

“Please reassure your kids they’re safe, they only know what you tell them,” a post by the company’s Facebook page reads, with it a video of Batman addressing the people of Gotham Cumbria.

The aforementioned publication’s report also featured a screenshot of a message from a young fan who was helped by Batman.

"Hi Batman, my name is xxx,” the post reads. “I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday). I seen on my mammy fb [Facebook] that you caught the clown.This means I can go to school and not be scared, thank you for your efforts”.

More sightings as killer clown craze grips UK

Having become a weird craze in the US, members of the UK public have begun dressing as clowns to play pranks on other people.

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