Batman v Superman: The first reactions are in and they're very positive

'I haven't felt this giddy after watching a movie since The Avengers'

Jack Shepherd@JackJShepherd
Tuesday 22 March 2016 10:35

After years of hype and speculation, Batman v Superman is finally coming to cinemas this week, and fans, as you may have suspected, are very anxious to find out what the film is like.

Some carefully selected audiences - consisting mainly of journalists and DC fans - have already seen the film and the reaction has been very positive so far.

According to various Tweets, the film is comparatively as good as the first Avengers film, with Wonder Woman seemingly “stealing the show” upon her entrance.

**Warning: while there are no spoilers on this page, beware clicking through the Tweets and reading other comments as people are Tweeting spoilers (as I just discovered)**

We’ve also learned from reactions that there is a “gut wrenching emotional cliffhanger” to leave you with.

Recently, it was revealed by director Zack Snyder that he originally wanted both The Joker and The Riddler to feature in the film, yet ended up cutting them out.

Batman v Superman already features a whole host of comic book characters, including both titular characters, the aforementioned Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Lex Luther, Doomsday, Alfred and Lois Lane - so perhaps adding two more would have been overkill.

Snyder also revealed that he is interested in expanding on another franchise he previously worked on; 300. Hopefully, he can make room in-between promoting Batman v Superman and directing Justice League Part One.

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