Batman v Superman: Warner Bros. may have accidentally confirmed the identity of dead Robin

'Jokes on you Batman'

Jack Shepherd
Monday 23 May 2016 12:08

The excitement surrounding Batman v Superman has all but completely passed - with the release of Captain America: Civil War and now X-Men Apocalypse, comic-book fans have quickly moved onto the next CGI extravaganza.

However, there are still some questions (actually, quite a few) left to be a answered, one of which surrounds the identity of Robin and how he died. In the film, we get a brief glimpse as the sidekick's suit with “Haha, jokes on you Batman” graffitied onto it.

A video emerged online (which has since been pulled down) of a Warner Bros. studio tour in which the guide points to the suit, “one of the big things from the film”, and continues to name the Robin, seemingly confirming his identity. Turns out, it was Jason Todd.

In the comics, Todd is the second person to take up the Robin mantle, following Dick Grayson. Todd eventually dies at the hands of the Joker in an arch called “A Death in the Family,” the result of which is a helpless and grieving Batman who struggles with guilt. The second Robin eventually gets resurrected, this time as the anti-hero Red Hood.

An R-Rated version of the film is expected within the next few weeks and is thought to be just over three hours long.

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