Captain Marvel fan breaks record after watching film 116 times

'I don’t think I’m going to try this one again'

Jacob Stolworthy
Sunday 21 April 2019 10:04
Brie Larson surprised moviegoers during the opening weekend of Captain Marvel

A Captain Marvel fan has broken the record for most times watching a single movie in the cinema.

Steve Ruppel watched the Brie Larson film a total of 116 times to earn the feat, which saw him shut away in the multiplex for more than 14,000 minutes.

According to Ruppel, he needed to watch the movie at least 104 times since it was released on 7 March to break the previous record, but decided to make it 116 times so he could make it into the Guinness World Records.

He told WSAW-TV: “If anyone wanted to break this, I really don’t want to re-break it. Because this has been pretty tough… I don’t think I’m going to try this one again.”

Ruppel is a serial record breaker. He once set the record for running a half marathon while wearing the most t-shirts and also became the quickest person to drink a full litre of gravy (12 seconds).

To break the Captain Marvel record, he was forced to take time off work. Ruppel said the film became so boring that he focused on the finer details that made him more impressed with the film’s producers.

“There’s one particular scene in the movie where in the background there’s a calendar,” he said. “And it says June of 1995. And then later on in that particular day, there’s a full moon. So at the end, I just Googled when there was a full moon in June of 1995. And it came out to be Tuesday, June 13th of 1995.”

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