Coronavirus: Fans of Disney's Tangled are convinced film predicted pandemic

A number of films, TV shows and books have been cited as ‘predicting’ a pandemic

Roisin O'Connor
Saturday 21 March 2020 12:14 GMT
Tangled - Official Trailer 2

Fans of Disney animated film Tangled have noticed a curious coincidence between the movie and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In the film, Rapunzel spends her days locked away in a tower from the rest of the world – or rather, the kingdom of Corona.

Fans have pointed out the irony as they self-isolate to help slow down the spread of Covid-19.

Actor Tom Hanks, who has been self-isolating with his wife Rita Wilson after they both tested positive for coronavirus, recently joked that he no longer loved one of his typewriters, because the make was a Corona.

Earlier this month, fans of The Simpsons claimed something similar, as they pointed out an episode from season four that depicts a global pandemic.

In the episode “Marge in Chains”, a news report announces fears of the “Osaka Flu”.

Another scene shows a visibly infected Japanese factory worker coughing into a package, which is then sent to the United States.

Most of the residents of Springfield get sick as a result.

However, it is worth noting that the that coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China – more than 2000km away from the Japanese city of Osaka.

Real-life figures who have been warning the public of a pandemic for years include Bill Gates, flu and disease experts, and government officials.

If you’re not watching Tangled to make sure the fan theory checks out, you can see our list of films to watch in self-isolation here.

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