Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds says there's talk even before first has hit cinemas

The star's hopeful the Merc with a Mouth has a profitable future ahead of him. 

Clarisse Loughrey
Wednesday 03 February 2016 12:24 GMT

Deadpool is soon to ride onto screens on a wave of hype, with fans left feverishly wondering whether it can truly do justice to the great, idiosyncratic Merc with a Mouth.

Time is the keeper of all those answers, yet star Ryan Reynolds seems already hopeful the film will be well-received enough to elicit a second outing. He and co-star T.J. Miller recently sat down with Digital Spy to discuss the film, and Reynolds revealed his own optimism when asked whether any concrete plans for a sequel were in place.

"None of the plans have been immersed in concrete, as far as I know," the actor replied. "To answer your question, seriously, there is talk."

It should be noted that last remark was made after co-star Miller chimed in with the hilarious, yet not too helpful; "I made a concrete statue of what I think Weasel would look like in his spin-off. So, I gave that to the President of Fox and I'm still waiting to hear back."

Elsewhere, Reynolds expressed an interest in seeing future X-Men crossovers with both Wolverine and Magneto, though he was careful in highlighting how fans could potentially be concerned about the character directly interfering with the X-Men universe and "monkeying around with their mythology".

Ed Skrein (who plays villain Ajax) also revealed Blade Runner's Roy Batty and notorious serial killer Harold Shipman as inspirations for his character, stating: "What we wanted was somebody who wasn't evil, but someone who is lacking empathy and positive feelings, such as remorse and responsibility."

Deadpool hits UK theatres 10 February.

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