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Disney+ users baffled by Lilo and Stitch alteration: ‘It’s annoying how they’ve changed scenes’

Moment was changed to avoid chance of kids copying character's naughty behaviour

Jacob Stolworthy
Friday 03 April 2020 12:06 BST

Disney+ users in the US have been left confused by an edit in the animated film Lilo & Stitch.

The film, released in 2002, follows an extra-terrestrial who impersonates a dog and finds himself adopted by a young girl after arriving on Earth.

Several moments in the film see the trouble-making pair get up to no good, with one particular scene showing Lilo hiding from her sister in a tumble dryer.

Those re-watching the film, though, will see Lilo no longer hides in a dryer but within a piece of furniture that is bizarrely blocked by a pizza box.

According to reports, the reason for the change was to avoid the chance for children to emulate Lilo’s dangerous behaviour, especially considering they’re going to be cooped up indoors due to the coronavirus lockdown.

While the streaming service is no doubt hopeful this change will encourage any kid who wants to copy Lilo to build their own fort instead, many fans of the films have been left displeased by the amendment.

“When will they learn that tampering only makes it worse,” one person tweeted, while another added: “Great, now it looks like an oven. How about a tablecloth instead of a pizza box?”

Interestingly, this scene was edited in the UK upon the film’s release, with the BBFC site writing: “The scene where Lilo hides from her older sister in the dryer had to be edited to get an U-Rating.

“The appliance was therefore changed to a commode with a pizza box to prevent little kids from imitating to hide in the dryer.”

One other user said: Kids aren’t going to crawl into their dryers, but I’ve never heard of a kid hiding in a pizza box either. It’s annoying how they’ve changed scenes in some of the older films.”

One of Disney’s bosses recently revealed it had no plans to add Oscar-winning film Song of the South to Disney+ due to its racist stereotypes.

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