Grease 2 contained an explicit wardrobe malfunction and no one noticed until 40 years later

‘I will never watch this film in the same way again,’ wrote one user

Grease trailer

It has been almost 40 years since Grease 2 premiered but fans are only just noticing a glaring blunder.

The sequel to the 1978 musical comedy starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta proved divisive upon its release, with a bland critical reception resulting in a box office failure.

Actor and YouTuber Justin Root shared a brief scene from the film in which he noticed a serious wardrobe malfunction.

In the clip, a background character is seen jumping over hurdles when his genitals become visible for a brief moment.

“I spotted a wardrobe malfunction in Grease 2,” wrote Root, who shared the video on Twitter last week.

Since then, the clip has gained widespread attention on social media with many users expressing disbelief that it has taken nearly 40 years for the mistake to be noticed.

“Noooo and I will never watch this film in the same way again,” wrote one user.

*Warning: video contains brief nudity*

“Is this real??? I’ve seen #Grease2 exactly 2,749,344 times. Never caught that!” asked another, while some else added: “All these years, that guy knew that happened, and never told anyone, thinking he got away with it.”

“OMG!! I thought for sure this was fake, so I pulled it up on Amazon prime and nope.. Totally true!” confirmed one user.

“That’s what happens when you don’t wear a jockstrap,” commented another person.

Released in 1982, Grease 2 was led by Maxwell Caulfield and Oscar nominee Michelle Pfeiffer in her first starring role. Despite being poorly received upon release, the film has since gained a cult following in some circles.

In 2016, during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Newton-John revealed that she and Travolta had originally been approached for the sequel.

“They did ask us,” she said. “I think they approached John and I to do it, and it didn’t happen, and I didn’t think it was gonna happen, and then they made it with other people. So that’s my memory of it.”

Responding to the question of what she thought about the sequel, Newton John replied: “Not a lot.”

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