Harrison Ford stunned by David Blaine's card trick

Harrison Ford’s hilarious deadpan reaction to David Blaine’s magic trick has resurfaced

Blaine’s trick involves a card mysteriously being pulled out of a freshly cut orange

Clémence Michallon
New York City
Friday 30 April 2021 15:41
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A video of Harrison Ford reacting to a magic trick performed by David Blaine has resurfaced on social media, much to fans’ delight.

The Independent’s very own film critic Clarisse Loughrey gave the clip a signal boost earlier this week when she shared a TikTok clip featuring the segment on Twitter, writing: “Please enjoy Harrison Ford watching a magic trick & then reacting in the only way Harrison Ford reacts to anything.”

It originally aired in 2013 as part of Blaine’s TV special David Blaine: Real or Magic, which saw him performing tricks in front of various celebrities – including Ford.

In the video, Blaine asks Ford to hold a deck of cards and think of a specific card. “Your card just left the deck,” he tells Ford, having not visibly touched the deck nor learnt which card Ford had mentally picked.

Blaine then tells Ford to grab a piece of fruit from the nearby kitchen counter. Ford picks up an orange, after which Blaine instructs him to identify his card out loud.

“Nine of hearts,” Ford tells him. Blaine then cuts the orange into two pieces – and of course, finds a card inside of the freshly cut-up fruit. That card, as a stunned Ford soon realises, is none other than the nine of hearts.

Ford, still holding up the card, can be seen looking at Blaine with a stunned expression on his face, before jokingly telling the magician: “Get the f*** out of my house.”

The tweet behind the resurfaced clip has now received more than 350,000 likes, as well as a string of responses in which Twitter users have tried to dissect the secrets to Blaine’s trick and celebrated Ford’s reaction.

Blaine completed his latest high-profile stunt in September last year, when he soared above Arizona holding on to balloons.

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