Jeff Goldblum is handing out free sausages in Sydney

While the world was celebrating his return to the Jurassic Park franchise, Goldblum had other more pressing things on his mind

Clarisse Loughrey
Wednesday 26 April 2017 10:11 BST
Jeff Goldblum handing out free sausages in Sydney, Australia
Jeff Goldblum handing out free sausages in Sydney, Australia

The world is absolutely delighted that Jeff Goldblum is returning to the Jurassic Park franchise.

Jeff Goldblum, however, has more important things on his mind: like sausages. The man, the legend, the actor was spotted in Sydney, of all places, in a pop-up truck emblazoned with the name 'Chef Goldblum's', handing out free sausages to the good people of Australia.

Why exactly he was doing so is somewhat of a mystery, as he teased a passerby that he was doing research "for sort of a project that I'm doing, that has something to do with food".

Has he gone method for a new role? Or is 'Chef Goldblum''s set to become the hottest new eatery?

For now, we can at least celebrate the fact it's been confirmed he'll return as Dr. Ian Malcolm for the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, directed by J.A. Bayona and once more starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Jurassic World 2 hits cinemas 22 June, 2018.

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