Jessica Alba owns up to being a secret ‘Karen’: ‘I can’t wait to speak to the manager!’

The actor admitted to this during a celebrity game of ‘Never Have I Ever’

Rachel Brodsky
Los Angeles
Thursday 15 April 2021 19:34
Jessica Alba attends Dior show

Jessica Alba has joked about her “Karen”-esque tendencies.

While playing a round of “Never Have I Ever” with a handful of other personalities on “The Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live!", Alba responded to the prompt: “Never have I ever asked to speak to the manager.”

“I can’t wait to speak to the manager!” she said.

The other participants responded with some shock at asking to speak to the manager.

“No, I haven’t done,” said The Crown actor Emma Corrin, “I’m really bad at conflict.”

Baby2Baby co-founder Canadian-born Kelly Patricoff agreed, “Same here, too Canadian for that.”

Saturday Night Live performer Cecily Strong chimed in, “Yeah everything’s my fault no matter what, let’s start there. I’m the manager who needs to be spoken to.”

In 2020, Karen is no longer “an easy name”, The Independent explained last August. “Once popular for girls born in the 1960s, it then became a pseudonym for a middle-aged busybody with a blonde choppy bob who asks to speak to the manager. Now the moniker has most recently morphed into a symbol of racism and white privilege.”

“A 'Karen' now roams restaurants and stores, often without a mask during this coronavirus era, spewing venom and calling the authorities to tattle, usually on people of colour and often putting them in dangerous situations. And while this archetype had previously been called ‘Permit Patty’ or ‘BBQ Becky’, ‘Karen’ has stuck.”

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