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Kevin Spacey faces new allegations of sexual assault

Two men have now come forward with accusations that Spacey groped them in public 

Clarisse Loughrey@clarisselou
Wednesday 01 November 2017 10:21
Kevin Spacey: Who has accused him so far?

Kevin Spacey faces fresh allegations after two men have come forward accusing the actor of sexual assault.

Actor Robert Cavazos wrote on Facebook that he encountered Spacey at the bar of London's Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey was artistic director from 2004-15, and that the actor tried to grope him against his will.

"It was more common for this guy, when he was in the bar of this theater, grabbing whoever caught his attention. I didn't stand for it, but I know some people who were afraid to stop it," he wrote.

Filmmaker Tony Montana has also accused Spacey of groping him while he was in an LA bar in 2003. "I went up to order a drink and Kevin came up to me and put his arm around me," he told Radar. "He was telling me to come with him, to leave the bar. He put his hand on my crotch forcefully and grabbed my whole package."

Montana then claimed that Spacey, who he says appeared intoxicated, said to him, "This designates ownership." He added, "I put my hand down and turned his thumb back to get his hand off it. I paid for my drink and got away from him."

He then says Spacey followed him to the restroom. "I backed him out the door and I pushed him," the filmmaker stated. "One of his friends was in line and I said, 'It's time to take your boy home.' They all ended up leaving."

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In a statement, the Old Vic has expressed "deep dismay" at the allegations and said "inappropriate behavior by anyone working at The Old Vic is completely unacceptable."

These allegations follow accusations made by Anthony Rapp, who claims Spacey made sexual advances on him when he was 14 years old. Spacey responded to Rapp's allegations in a statement, saying he is “beyond horrified to hear his story” but does not remember the incident.

“But if I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years,” he added.

Representatives for Spacey have said: "Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment. No other information is available at this time."

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