LAPD investigating death threats sent to film critic who reviewed Man of Steel

She didn't even think the film was terrible

Jacob Stolworthy
Wednesday 13 July 2016 11:19 BST
(Warner Bros)

Zack Snyder released Superman film Man of Steel to middling reviews upon its release back in 2013.

Film critic Clarke Wolfe recently revisited the film - most probably in time for its sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - and was actually fairer on it than the majority of critics were three years ago.

She did criticise elements of the film, however, with one particular person disagreeing with Wolfe - this, we would like to point out, is allowed; what will not be tolerated is sending someone a death threat for holding an opinion, something a man named Kevin Valeem did to Wolfe via her Instagram account once the review had gone live.

It's important to point out that Wolfe didn't even hate Man of Steel - she even says as much in her review. Wolfe even went on to give the film a six out of ten.

"I didn't think the movie was terrible... I don't agree with the direction that I feel this is going and that's my big gripe," she can be seen saying.

It is now being reported by TMZ that the LAPD have obtained a search warrant to scour Instagram records so they can track down "the person or persons who made the threats."

Let's hope this fool gets found speedily and is taught an invaluable lesson about life in the process.

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