Pirates of the Caribbean 5: PETA slam film after actor reveals 'hilarious' story about monkey vomiting on set

'Hollywood must learn there’s simply no safe or humane way to force a wild animal to perform'

Jack Shepherd@JackJShepherd
Wednesday 31 May 2017 15:33

Disney’s latest blockbuster — Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge — has come under fire after actor Kaya Scodelario revealed “hilarious” story about the monkey throwing up on set.

According to The Sun, Scodelario said: “The most memorable cast member was the monkey because he threw up all the time.

"He had a very tiny stomach and when we were filming on the boat he would just projectile vomit in the middle of scenes, which I found hilarious.”

Animal rights organisation PETA have condemned the treatment of the capuchin monkey — Captain Barbossa’s companion Jack in the film.

“Early on, PETA called on the film’s producers to use computer-generated imagery instead of intelligent and highly social capuchins, whose complex physical and psychological needs cannot be met on any film set or in a training compound,” PETA said.

“Hollywood must learn the lesson that there’s simply no safe or humane way to force a wild animal to perform in a movie.”

Concerns were first raised when news emerged the monkey wounded a make-up artist on set in 2015. Meanwhile, Pirates of the Caribbean topped the worldwide box-office, making huge amounts in China. However, the reviews have been fairly middling.

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