Rowan Atkinson reprises Mr Bean role for Chinese film Top Funny Comedian: The Movie

The actor used mainly body language to communicate with his co-stars

Jack Shepherd
Monday 20 March 2017 13:31

China’s answer to The Hangover has recently premiered, debuting the story of five people who visit Macau, the gambling capital of China, get lost, and require the help of Mike Tyson.

Titled Top Funny Comedian: The Movie, there’s a surprising cameo Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, better known as Mr Foolish Bean in China.

Whereas in Mr. Bean's Holiday the character went on a meandering journey around France, Bean’s latest vacation has taken him to China where he’s using an iPhone to snap ornate sculptures. The character poster for Atkinson is rather incredible in itself.

The character poster for Atkinson is incredible in itself.

Top Funny Comedian: The Movie sees a group of four men and a woman venture to Macau where one of them gets lost, requiring the other four to save them. Watch the trailer below.

Due to Atkinson being unable to speak Mandarin, the cast used mainly body language to speak to each other, co-star Guo Degang saying, according to The Beijinger: “[We communicated] just with facial expressions and gestures. We seemed to understand each other. It was a really interesting experience, which proves that comedy can cross boundaries.”

Chances are Top Funny Comedian: The Movie won’t be crossing over to UK cinemas anytime soon, but readers in China can see the film - which is expected to be a box-office hit - now.

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