Scarlett Johansson is now the highest grossing actress of all time

Though she still only just breaks the top ten, in a list dominated almost entirely by men 

Clarisse Loughrey
Friday 01 July 2016 11:03 BST

Scarlett Johansson: incredible actress, kick-ass heroine, and now cinematic pioneer.

Box Office Mojo has revealed that Johansson now has the highest lifetime gross of any actress in history. And she did it all in the space of four short months, thanks to a duo of major blockbuster's, Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book; launching her from number 35, and a total gross of $2.5 billion, to number 10, and $3.3 billion.

Though the numbers reflect only the US box office and have not been adjusted for inflation; it's still an utterly commendable achievement, especially for a talent who's still invested herself in pursuing diverse, interesting projects such Spike Jonze's Her and Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin.

Plus, since it's near impossible for an actress to be any sort of powerhouse in Hollywood's male-dominated atmosphere, everything Johansson's achieved in the past few years is nothing short of spectacular. She's joining a top ten which features the iconic Harrison Ford at the number one spot, followed by the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Tom Cruise.

Her position at number ten does still, very much, reflect what is a male-dominated list; with the next highest grossing actress being Cameron Diaz, who comes in at number 19 thanks to her involvement in the Shrek franchise.

Scarlett Johansson on flirting

Yet, it's still positive news; with the hope that Johansson's major upcoming projects will not only solidify her own leading position in Hollywood, but also open the doors for others to take a central place as cinematic powerhouses.

Johansson still has the controversial Ghost in the Shell on her plate, which has been the recipient of a fairly strong backlash due to her casting as the innately Japanese character Motoko Kusanagi.

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