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Star Wars 9: Mark Hamill discuses Carrie Fisher's original role in sequel

'Certainly Leia was meant to be more prominent in IX'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 10 October 2017 14:10 BST
Star Wars - The Last Jedi Trailer

With the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi having been released, many fans are wondering how the series will continue without Carrie Fisher.

Speaking at New York Comic-Con (via USA Today), Mark Hamill told an excited crowd they are going to “really love” General Leia in The Last Jedi.

The Luke Skywalker actor also spoke candidly about the central role the character was initially going to play during Episode IX.

"I know they're going to try and find a way to close her story in [Episode IX] that gives her the respect she deserves,” he said, “because [Han Solo] was more prominent in VII, Luke's a little more prominent in VIII, and certainly Leia was meant to be more prominent in IX.”

The new trailer for Episode VIII widely hints that Leia may not survive the movie, director Rian Johnson having perhaps written the character out already.

Of course, the trailer could very well be a false flag - considering Hamill’s comments that seems most likely. However, could Leia have been intended to return as a Force Ghost? We’ll surely know more come 14 December when The Last Jedi reaches cinemas.

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