Star Wars: John Boyega clashes with fans over ‘disgusting’ joke about Rey’s sex life

Actor called fans ‘sensitive’ for taking issue with the joke

Adam White
Wednesday 01 January 2020 09:48
Star Wars star John Boyega takes blame for lost script

John Boyega has clashed with Star Wars fans over a “disgusting” joke about the sex life of Daisy Ridley’s character Rey.

The actor made the crude joke on Instagram, after responding to a fan who remarked that the death of his character’s romantic rival in The Rise of Skywalker had enabled him to potentially date Rey.

“It’s not about who she kisses but who eventually lays the pipe. You are a genius,” Boyega responded.

Some fans, however, did not see the funny side of Boyega’s joke, with one writing: “Bro you’re extremely disgusting and gross also f***ing disrespectful…”

In response, Boyega wrote: “You obviously don’t know the difference between a fictional world and reality.” He added in another tweet that Ridley herself would recognise said difference, writing: “Daisy knows she isn’t the character. Lol so tbh she doesn’t give AF.”

After another fan urged Boyega to stop tweeting as he is “worsening his image,” the actor wrote, in reference to Game of Thrones: “You know nothing Jon Snow”.

In another tweet, Boyega continued to defend his joke, writing: “I will say it 500000 times. Two consenting adults can lay down whatever the hell they want ya sensitive!”

“You’re still a misogynist,” wrote another fan, to which Boyega replied: “And you’re an idiot.”

The Attack the Block actor also spent his New Year’s Eve posting a number of GIFs in response to the furore, including Joaquin Phoenix kicking the air in a scene from Joker, and one depicting The Hills star Lauren Conrad rolling her eyes.

He later wrote that he wished to put the upset aside, tweeting: “We did good SW fans! Now onwards to 2020!”

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Boyega recently denied that he called his Star Wars co-star Kelly Marie Tran “weak” for being hurt by social media backlash to her character Rose Tico.

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