The Lion King remake is already breaking Disney records

The trailer, which was revealed on Thanksgiving, generated 224.6 million global views in 24 hours

Roisin O'Connor
Sunday 25 November 2018 10:45
First look at Jon Favreau’s all-new The Lion King movie

Disney has thanked its “entire pride” for making the trailer for a forthcoming remake of The Lion King its most-watched trailer in a day, and the second most-viewed trailer debut from any studio in 24 hours.

The trailer, which was revealed on Thanksgiving, generated 224.6 million global views in 24 hours, according to Disney studios, coming in second to the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War which attracted 238 million views.

The Lion King remake, from director Jon Favreau, with Donald Glover starring as Simba and Beyonce as the voice of Nala, is slated for release on 19 July 2019. Favreau previously had huge success with his remake of The Jungle Book, which grossed $966 million globally.

Glover and Knowles-Carter are also joined by James Earl Jones, who reprises his role from the 1994 animated film as Simba's father Mufasa. Chiwetel Ejiofor will voice Simba's villainous uncle Scar, Alfre Woodard will star as Simba's mother Sarabi, and child actor JD McCrary will voice the young version of Simba.

Shahadi Wright Joseph is voicing the young Nala, while John Kani voices the baboon Rafiki and John Oliver playing Mufasa’s confidant, Zazu. Elton John and Tim Rice, who won a Best Song Oscar for their original track "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" as part of their work on the original film, recently confirmed they have made a new end credits song for the remake.

Some doubt has been expressed on social media by fans of the original film. Some have complained about the film being billed as a “live action” version rather than CGI. And while the casting generated considerable excitement, a viral video showing a shot-by-shot comparison of the new film’s opening with the original has prompted some fans to question whether anything different or new has been added.

However, the majority reaction still appears to be largely positive, with much of the excitement focused on the all-star voice cast, and the obvious quality of the CGI in the film.

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