The Prom: Viewers divided over ‘cheesy’ Netflix musical starring James Corden and Meryl Streep

Film has provoked strong reactions on Twitter – from the very positive to the extremely negative

Ellie Harrison
Saturday 12 December 2020 16:33 GMT
The Prom trailer

Ryan Murphy’s Netflix musical, The Prom, has split opinion on Twitter.

The film adaptation of the broadway play stars James Corden, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep as part of a group of has-been actors who visit a small Indiana town to help a lesbian teenager after she is banned from attending her prom.

Corden, who plays ailing gay Broadway star Barry Glickman, was accused of “leaning into effeminate gay stereotypes” earlier this week.

The actor’s controversial performance aside, many viewers on Twitter seem to agree that the film is “cheesy” but are divided over whether they love it or hate it.

“Everyone’s watching The Prom because it’s so awful,” tweeted one person. “I howled at the truly dreadful lyrics! The appalling acting! Esp @JKCorden who was so bad! Don’t play a gay man or do musicals James! ! Look at the last “turkey”- Cats . If you want to waste time, cringe & gag watch it! It’s bad.”

Another added: “Everything about The Prom sucked so bad lmfao.”

“Omg...” said a third. “The Prom on Netflix... Awful isn't the right word. So disappointing. Meryl, Nicole... Was it money cuz this is embarrassing?? it was actively awful at every turn.”

On the other side of the debate, one viewer posted: “Am I the only one who enjoyed The Prom? I thought it was so funny and cute. I knew what to expect going in because I love musicals and already knew the premise and some of the music.”

A second said: “Ok so I finished The Prom and I loved every overly-earnest, cheesetastic, tender-hearted, sequin-covered bit of it.”

The Prom is the cheesiest thing that would have meant the absolute world to me as a closeted queer kid,” revealed a third.

The Independent’s critic Clarisse Loughrey gave the film four stars, writing: “It’s as diverting and satisfyingly self-indulgent as you’d expect from Murphy. It’s also smart and deeply heartfelt.”

The Prom is out now on Netflix.

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