Also showing: Pusher, Private Peaceful and Hit & Run


Nicholas Barber
Tuesday 16 October 2012 14:40

Pusher (87 mins, 18)

Nicolas Winding Refn's Danish thriller gets a moody British remake, with Richard Coyle as a drug dealer who owes £55,000 to a crime lord, and Agyness Deyn as his long-suffering girlfriend. Coyle's penchant for Hoovering cocaine and smacking his friends with baseball bats makes him hard to root for.

Private Peaceful (103 mins)

The second adaptation of a Michael Morpurgo novel about Devonian farm boys in the First World War, Private Peaceful, inset top, is spavined by a budget that wouldn't have paid for the saddle bags in Spielberg's War Horse. It's well meaning, episodic and destined to be shown in school history lessons.

Hit & Run (100 mins, 15)

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are lovers on the run in this big-hearted tribute to 1970s road movies. Despite the screeching tyres and full-throttle soundtrack, it never quite gets into gear.

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