What Happens in Vegas (12A)

Review,Nicholas Barber
Sunday 23 October 2011 01:55

Don't waste your time with all the preposterous contrivances that open What Happens in Vegas, but the upshot is that two young, single New Yorkers are forced – by a judge's ruling, believe it or not – to share a spacious apartment for six months, at the end of which they'll be awarded $1.5m each.

So what's the problem? Well, the problem is that they're both insanely obnoxious, and so they devote their every waking moment to ruining each other's lives (before they fall in love, of course). Supposedly the fact that these two morons are played by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher is meant to be enough to make viewers long for a happy ending, as opposed to a double suicide.

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