FOOD & DRINK / Daily Bread: Richard Dunwoody: What the jockey ate one day last week

Sunday 19 December 1993 00:02

I rode out early in the morning, came back and got in the sauna, then for breakfast I had a couple of slices of granary toast, no butter, just marmalade, and a cup of coffee with milk, no sugar. Nothing then till lunchtime, when I had a cup of coffee. I put in one and a half sugars when I'm riding - I don't know why, it's psychological. And I had a couple of digestive biscuits. Then nothing till the evening, when I had sole stuffed with crab-meat, broccoli, brussels sprouts and carrots - and a couple of glasses of dry white wine. Afterwards I had a couple of mint chocolates and two cups of coffee. If I'm very light I might have a chocolate bar, a Yorkie or something, for energy during the day, but I didn't yesterday. My weight varies between 9st 10lb and 10st 2lb, though in the summer I go up to nearly 11 stone. Once the weight is down it's not too bad, but it's very hard losing it at the beginning of the season. But the diet's not too bad when you're used to it, because you can have a good meal in the evening.

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