Fifa 21: EA reveals it has banned over 9,000 accounts due to racist and inappropriate content

Electronic Arts has also issued more than 25,000 warnings or suspensions

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 17 March 2021 10:06
FIFA 21 - Trailer

Electronic Arts has revealed that it has banned thousands of players from FIFA 21 as part of an ongoing effort to crack down on racist and offensive behaviour.

The company behind the hit football simulator franchise provided a statement after an investigation by Eurogamer found “extensive racist user-generated content” in Fifa 21’s Pro Clubs mode.

Speaking to the publication, an EA spokesperson revealed that over 9,000 accounts had been banned since the launch of Fifa 21 last October, and more than 25,000 warnings or suspensions had been issued, “as a result of inappropriate or offensive content”.

The publisher also claimed it is working on implementing new technology designed to help identify and eliminate racist behaviour in-game.

“Both Electronic Arts and EA Sports are committed to making our games and experiences fun, fair and safe for everyone,” said a spokesperson. “We filter user-generated content in areas such as in-game chat and EA Account, player and team names, to block profane text that might be used to demean or harass.”

Earlier this month, ex-Arsenal footballer Ian Wright was racially abused by a Pro Team player, who was subsequently issued a lifetime ban.

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Eurogamer’s article cited multiple other instances of racism within the Fifa online community.

Last June, EA announced the Positive Play Charter, an “updated set of community guidelines with clear consequences for players who engage in racist, sexist, homophobic and abusive acts in our games and channels”.

“Under our Positive Play Charter, our teams are focused on improving in-game reporting and moderation tools, along with a players’ ability to report any offensive content at This helps ensure that when people don’t play by the rules, there are easily accessible channels to report problem players or inappropriate content,” the company said.

Fifa 21 is out now on all major consoles.