‘What a joke’: Fortnite iPhone users complain after missing out on season 4 Marvel crossover

Some Apple users will still be able to play the old version of the game, however

Louis Chilton
Thursday 27 August 2020 16:19
Fortnite: Chaper 2 Season 4 trailer

The ongoing legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple has left iPhone users unable to download the latest Fortnite update.

The hit battle royale game launched its chapter two, season four update earlier today (27 August), but, following Fortnite’s removal from the App Store, iPhone and Mac players are unable to access it.

Apple removed the game from its store after publishers Epic introduced a way to circumvent Apple’s payment system, which takes a 30 per cent cut from any transactions undertaken on its iOS platform.

In response, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple – and against Google, who also removed the game from its Google Play service – as well as a #FreeFortnite social media campaign, which compared the practices of the tech giant to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Mac and iPhone Fortnite players have taken to social media to complain after missing out on the latest update, although those who had already installed the game will still be able to play on the old version without cross-platform functionality.

For its fourth season, ‘Fortnite‘ is crossing over with the Marvel Comics universe

“So peeps if you play Fortnite on Iphone or Ipad you cant play season 4 due to this stupid debate between @Apple and @EpicGames,” wrote one commenter. ”What a f***ing joke!!!!!!”

Another wrote: “Tonight will be my last night playing until Fortnite returns to iOS.

“My wife and I played this and bonded tons together. I have a Samsung Android so I can play the new update but sadly she has an iPhone and can’t. I wont play without her.”

Fortnite’s new season, titled “Nexus War”, is a tie-in with Marvel Comics, and features a host of recognisable Marvel heroes, with some available as in-game character skins.

Announcing the crossover on Twitter, Fortnite’s official account teased: “Galactus is coming.Team up with @Marvel’s greatest Heroes and Villains including Thor, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Storm, Doctor Doom and more in a war to save all of Reality.”

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