Latitude 2013: Five minutes with... Wave Machines


Wednesday 27 March 2013 17:14

Wave Machines' lead singer Tim Bruzon takes time out of his secret rock music schedule to answer a few crucial questions ahead of this year's Latitude Festival.

1. Which latitude are you on right now?

In Liverpool, at home.

2. Sum up what you do for us in one sentence for anyone who might not know...

Sing, play, program music with friends here in the North West, fronting Wave Machines.

3. What’s the best thing about performing live?

Enjoying the months of hard work you put into nailing the songs again and again.

4. Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Mainly just avoiding small talking to people - I'll go off on my own to do vocal warm ups and evade potential chat.

5. What’s your best festival story for us? The stranger the better!

I saw Vidar (our drummer) disappear suddenly behind a stage at a Festival in Norway. It was poorly lit and he walked off a platform and fell about eight feet into the darkness narrowly missing some upended scaffold linkage at the bottom. We laughed at the time because we were steaming drunk.

6. Tell us a something you’ve never told an interviewer before...

I love you.

7. What’s your signature cooking dish?

If you're lucky I'll do you pork belly. Then you'll love me back.

8. What book/film/record etc. changed your life and why?

The Doors, Hello I Love You. Someone at school was trying to work out how to play it on the guitar and I realised I could do it. I didn't stop trying to work out how to play songs after that.

9. Knock Knock... who’s there...

Probably just someone flyering for Kebab-burger-chicken. I'd get one of those 'no junk mail' signs but I secretly fear it will somehow make things worse.

10. And lastly, summarise Latitude in three words

Hot sexy times.

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