Margot Robbie goes to Infernos in Clapham, loves it

Club is famous locally for being pretty much your last choice on a night out

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 28 June 2016 10:01 BST
(Getty/Google Maps)

Denizens of Clapham nightclub institution Infernos include the desperately drunk, desperately horny…and Hollywood actress Margot Robbie.

The Wolf of Wall Street declared herself a fan of the notorious end-up in an interview with The Sunday Times.

"Everyone's wasted and so sweaty," she enthused. "Everyone looks a mess.”

"By the time I make it to Infernos, I look so revolting that nobody's going to look twice. Leo is running around, and nobody ever knows [joking, presumably]. He would actually love it there."

The news will come to the relief of anyone who thought they spotted Robbie in the night club but were swiftly dismissed for having industrial-grade beer goggles.

Robbie, 25, is presumably a regular to Clapham’s bar-laden strip as she lives there with her partner Tom Ackerley.

It seems the vodka-addled anonymity that Infernos provides is a rare treat for the actress, who isn’t a fan of being in the public eye.

"I'm not going hide in the house, but I'm not signing for big movies unless I really want them, because I know all the stuff that goes with it - the exposure, press tours, more interviews like this," she added.

"I'm definitely scared about it. Definitely."

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