Cultural Life: Patrick Wolf, musician

Interview,Morgan Durno
Friday 08 April 2011 00:00 BST

Music: I have been re-listening to one of my favourite albums called 'Winter in the Belly of a Snake' by Venetian Snares, the performing alias of Aaron Funk. It's a beautiful concept record with an amazingly futuristic, electronic sound. It really puts so-called dub-step to shame. To de-stress I always turn to Stephan Micus. His contemporary take on classical, renaissance and medieval music often builds on peaceful sounds of the wind. Whenever I am feeling mental or tense I escape to Cornwall with Stephan Micus and Meredith Monk's records.

Books: I always like to carry very small books on me: I've had Derek Jarman's 'Chroma' in my pocket for about ten years! I find it very inspiring when writing lyrics: each section contains a love letter to a different colour. Chapter 13 of Dickens's 'The Uncommercial Traveller', "Night Walks", has also become my friend during insomnia. I love the way Dickens was this dangerous character roaming the streets of my area, and hanging with tramps late at night.

Film: I'm really inspired by films. Bruce Weber's name came up when making my last video for "The City". I adore 'Let's Get Lost', his documentary about Chet Baker. I love the whole world of magic behind Chet's eyes and voice.

Visual Arts: I often look to art when writing music. When I saw Henri Rousseau's exhibition at the Tate Modern, I was really inspired; I love the escapism of his tropical jungle scenes.

Theatre: I enjoyed the Theo Adams Company's 'Cry Out' show at the ICA. It captured that 'Sunset Boulevard' feeling of being close to the edge of insanity but still wanting to share love.

Patrick Wolf's new album 'Lupercalia' is released on Hideout Recordings on 20 June 2011

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