Fantasy Band: Aiden Grimshaw

'Jack White's a sick frontman. And he has that great hair'

Gillian Orr
Friday 10 August 2012 11:42

Drums: Travis Barker

He plays for Blink-182, who I used to love a lot when I was younger. He's a big hip-hop drums fella and he has a lot of cool tattoos as well.

Bass: flea

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Greatest Hits was the first album I ever spent my own money on; I was about 10 years old. I remember practising my aggressive bass moves in my bedroom when I was younger, all thanks to him. I saw him on Jools Holland a few months ago and his fingers move so fast. He's also ranked in the top 10 greatest bassists of all time by Rolling Stone, so he can't be bad.

Guitar: John Mayer

I need to put him in my band somewhere because he was my favourite artist when I was at college. He's a genius on guitar and he's got a pretty husky voice so he can do backing vocals as well. My Mum went through a stage of listening to music like Damien Rice, Dave Matthews and John Mayer, and I got dead into his playing. I had one of his concert DVDs, Where the Light is: Live in Los Angeles, and used to watch it on repeat.

Vocals: Jack White

I was a big fan of the White Stripes and I really liked the Raconteurs. I want to add a bit of edge as well, an edge that Mayer might not have. Jack's a sick frontman and he has that great hair. He's got a good voice but it's a weird voice and he's very identifiable from a distance. He's a brilliant guitarist as well.

Aiden Grimshaw's single "Curtain Call" is out 12 August. His debut album, 'Misty Eye', follows on 20 August

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