My Fantasy Band: Fistful of Mercy

Gillian Orr
Friday 03 December 2010 01:00

Vocals - Martina Topley-Bird

Martina has the greatest tone out of any singer from the Bristol scene. She can rap with the best of them; she sings the blues, and it's really interesting that she had a Lebanese voice coach. Martina hits notes that not a lot of people would go for. Check out Tricky's cover of Public Enemy's "Black Steel", and "Lying With You" off her solo album, Quixotic. Not to mention the Flash Treatment remix of "Psyche" from Massive Attack's Splitting the Atom EP.

Guitar - Graham Coxon

He simply produces the dirtiest, most tripped-out riffs. His guitar playing was always slightly disturbing and that's a really great quality to have. The end riff on "Beetlebum" is just magnificent.

Bass - Timmy C

Listen to Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut album; it's just rude. The intro to "Bullet in the Head" is reason alone for him to be picked.

Keyboards - Liam Howlett

Liam from the Prodigy always has the best synth sounds. Have a listen to "Poison" and "Break and Enter" off Music for the Jilted Generation. He's a one-man band and that's what you look for in a keyboard player. Liam is one of the greatest artists of all time, and he's really inspiring.

Drums - Mitch Mitchell

He was the drummer in the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the only man who could keep up with Hendrix. Hendrix took Mitchell to the Band of Gypsies after The Experience. He also played in the supergroup, The Dirty Mac.

Fistful of Mercy is Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur. Their debut album, 'As I Call You Down', is out now. They play London's Koko tonight (

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