Album: R. Stevie Moore, Meet The R. Stevie Moore! (Cherry Red)

Andy Gill
Friday 07 March 2008 16:13 GMT

R. Stevie Moore is probably the world’s most prolific unknown singer-songwriter, his colossal output representing a victory for creativity over indifference.

A sort of bedroom Brian Wilson, for 40 years RSM has crafted complex and elegant pop in a vast array of styles, playing everything himself and releasing the results on an estimated 400 albums, of which 1986’s Glad Music is the most accessible.

It’s the source of several tracks, including the cute but complex “Why Should I Love You?” and the psychedelic doowop prog-pop masterpiece “Don’t Let Me Go To The Dogs”.

The serpentine melodies and falsetto vocals betray the influence not just of Wilson but also Zappa, whose comedic cynicism informs Moore’s own fiercely independent attitude.

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