Aaron Carter recalls bedroom incident with Michael Jackson in posthumous memoir

Carter’s representatives have criticised the new book as ‘[a] heartless money grab and attention seeking’

Peony Hirwani
Tuesday 15 November 2022 06:39 GMT

Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter cries as band pays tribute to singer’s brother Aaron

Aaron Carter reportedly described for the first time how he stayed over at Michael Jackson’s home after a birthday party, only to wake up and find him at the end of his bed.

The late singer apparently mentions the incident in his posthumous memoir, Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life, according to an advance copy seen by the New York Post.

It is Carter’s first detailed account of the incident, though he has alluded to it in previous interviews. The singer died last week in circumstances his family say are still “being investigated”.

“Michael and I went into the main house alone and headed to his bedroom area,” Carter writes, according to the Post. “After a while, I said I was ready for bed. I hadn’t really thought about where I would sleep.

“Obviously, there were tons of rooms in the house. But he pulled out this cot next to his bed that was already made. I never asked for the cot, but there it was. I didn’t care. I was tired. He turned out the lights and got in his bed, and we went to sleep.”

A couple of hours later something woke him up, Carter writes, and he allegedly “found Michael at the foot of my cot in his tighty-whitey underwear. I don’t know if he was sleepwalking or what, but he seemed to still be asleep.

“‘What the f***!?’ I shouted and shook him a little to wake him. ‘Go back to your bed!’

“He just mumbled, ‘OK,’ then got back into his bed, and we both went back to sleep. I never asked him about it, and we never mentioned it. When I woke up in the morning, he was gone from the room.”

Carter’s representatives have criticised the memoir.

“This is a time for mourning and reflection, not heartless money grabs and attention seeking,” they said in a statement on Thursday (10 November).

Carter, who was the brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick, died aged 34.

A spokesperson confirmed the news to The Independent last week, writing: “We are extremely saddened and shocked to confirm the passing of Aaron Carter today.

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Addressing his cause of death, the singer’s family said it was currently “being investigated”.

“We ask that you give the family time and they will have more information when available. We cannot express the outpouring of love coming in.”

Carter has previously described Jackson as “a really good guy, as far as I know”. He reportedly alluded to the bedroom incident in 2019 during the taping of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition”.

“He never did anything that was inappropriate — except for one time,” Carter reportedly said. “There was one thing that he did that was a little bit inappropriate.” At the time he did not go into further detail.

In a 2003 documentary, Jackson said he still allowed children to sleep in his bedroom with him, a decade after spending millions of pounds in an out-of-court settlement over child abuse allegations.

“What’s wrong with sharing love?” the pop star asked at the time. “That’s a beautiful thing. Why should that be worrying? Who’s the Jack the Ripper in the room?”

The Independent has contacted representatives for both Carter and Jackson, who died in 2009 at the age of 50, for comment.

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