Britney Spears calls sister Jamie Lynn ‘scum’ in scathing Instagram post

Furious post comes after Jamie Lynn’s memoir became a national bestseller

Jacob Stolworthy
Saturday 29 January 2022 08:44 GMT
Jamie Lynn Spears gets tearful as she discusses Britney on Good Morning America

Britney Spears has hit out at sister Jamie Lynn for “making money” off her name in a scathing Instagram post.

Jamie Lynn has released a new memoir titled Things I Should Have Said, which sees her talk candidly about numerous subjects, including her sister. The book has become a national best seller in the US.

Britney, who entered a war of words with Jamie Lynn over the release earlier this month, wrote a scathing message aimed at her sister on Instagram, stating: “The timing of your book was unbelievable Jamie Lynn … especially knowing the whole world had no clue what was really done to me !!!!”

Alluding to the conservatorship, from which Britney was freed in 2021, she added: “My whole family including you is saying YOU DIDN’T KNOW …. Bulls— !!!”

Britney continued: “The nerve of you to sell a book now and talk s*** but your f***ing lying. “I wish you would take a lie detector test so all these masses of people see you’re lying through your teeth about me !!!!

“I wish the almighty, Lord would could come down and show this whole world that you’re lying and making money off of me !!!! You are scum, Jamie Lynn.”

Earlier this month, Britney sent a cease and desist letter to her sister over her new memoir.

Britney Spears called sister Jamie Lynn ‘scum’ in new Instagram post
Britney Spears called sister Jamie Lynn ‘scum’ in new Instagram post (Instagram @britneyspears)

In the letter, which accused Jamie Lynn of exploiting her, the singer’s lawyer said: “Although Britney has not read and does not intend to read your book, she and millions of her fans were shocked to see how you have exploited her for monetary gain. She will not tolerate it, nor should she.”

Spears had her personal affairs, career appointments and finances controlled by the conservatorship from 2008 to November 2021.

It was Judge Brenda J Penny who brought an end to the conservatorship after 13 years at a California hearing.

“The conservatorship of the person and estate of Britney Jean Spears is no longer required,” Judge Penny said of the ruling.

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