This 'create your debut album using Wikipedia' game is tickling the internet

Including the seminal 'I got no more life to live' by Spaghetti

Christopher Hooton
Monday 16 November 2015 13:21

Band names are inherently ridiculous and album titles are mostly just half-finished sentences; this game proves it.

It's being shared like mad on Imgur today - here's how you make your very own debut album:

1. Go to Wikipedia and click ‘Random Article’ - that’s your band name

2. Go to Wikiquote, click ‘Random Page’, pick a quote and choose 3 to 5 words from it - that’s your album title

3. Go to Flickr’s ‘Last 7 Days’ page and find the fifth image - that’s your album artwork

4. Combine them together as you see fit using Photoshop or similar

The results posted so far range from the surreal to the bleak to the profound, envisioning prog rock albums and afternoon jazz compilations. I've started with my (pretty nu metal) own one:

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