Ed Sheeran corrects The One Show’s Alex Jones three times as she gets his career stats wrong

The singer and TV presenter both laughed off the blunders

Ellie Harrison
Friday 02 July 2021 11:31
Ed Sheeran corrects The One Show’s Alex Jones three times

Ed Sheeran corrected Alex Jones three times during his recent appearance on The One Show, after the presenter read out inaccurate statistics relating to his career success.

The four-time Grammy-winner was on the show to promote his new single “Bad Habits”.

“Now then Ed, we’re coming to you with stats,” said Jones. “Because the stats surrounding your career are pretty off the scale. Apparently artist of the decade last year?”

To which Sheeran replied: “Err, yeah, yeah in England, well the UK.”

Jones joked “aye, don’t play it down”, before adding: “Apparently eight million people came to see you on tour.”

Laughing, Sheeran said: “Nine. It was nine million.”

Jones then said that Sheeran had the “most songs from the last album to reach the top twenty”.

But that stat wasn’t quite right either. “Well, that was kind of like a mistake of the way that they like ordered the charts anyway, I’ll let you carry on, thank you,” said Sheeran.

"Don’t spoil it, we’re on a roll here," joked Jones.

In 2017, it was reported that all 16 songs on Sheeran’s album ÷ were in the Top 20 singles chart.

You can read The Independent’s review of Sheeran’s latest single, here.

Sheeran recently revealed that he has written a song for the new record by South Korean pop hitmakers BTS. His new album is expected later this year.

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