Harry Styles fans horrified after singer hit in the eye by ‘skittle’ during live show

‘Some of you never learned basic human respect,’ one fan wrote

Peony Hirwani
Wednesday 16 November 2022 07:23 GMT

Harry Styles helps fan come out to her mum during concert

Harry Styles fans are furious at the concertgoer who apparently threw something on stage at the singer’s Los Angeles concert on Monday (14 November).

According to multiple reports, the 28-year-old singer was hit directly in the eye by what appeared to be a Skittles sweet, a small, hard fruit-flavoured candy.

In a video that’s making rounds on social media, Styles can be seen recoiling as one object appears to hit him directly in the eye, with his head snapping back and his hand coming up to his face.

For the remainder of the show, Styles continued to touch or rub at his eye and was visibly squinting.

A member of the “As It Was” singer’s band, Pauli Lovejoy, confirmed during an Instagram Live session that a Skittles candy was indeed thrown at the singer.

While revealing that Styles’s eye wasn’t injured, Lovejoy said: “But do me a favour – don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”

Many of the British artist’s fans shared their fury over the incident on social media.

“Whoever the f*** threw a solid object at his eye, you literally ruined ‘Kiwi’ bc he wouldn’t open his eye for the whole song,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person added: “Some of you never learned basic human respect. Like can you all STOP throwing stuff at him.”

One person wrote: “Are you guys f***ing stupid? In what world is that okay?”

This isn’t the first time fans threw objects on the stage during one of Styles’s live shows.

During his One Direction days, the “Matilda” singer was hit in the groin by a bottle thrown from a fan in the crowd after Styles teasingly threw water over concert-goers standing next to the stage.

The embarrassing mishap left Styles recoiling in pain during the momentary glitch at the concert in Ottawa.

He was recently named among the nominees for the 2023 Grammy Awards, including a nod for Album of the Year with his third album, Harry’s House.

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