Kendrick Lamar or Drake? Barack Obama has choosen which rapper he prefers

'...his last album was outstanding. Best album, I think, last year'

Jack Shepherd
Sunday 17 January 2016 17:19 GMT
Obama (AP)

A lot of people are going to miss Barack Obama once he leaves the White House. As his tenure comes to a close, the President of the United States has been more outspoken on serious subjects - such as gun control - but also his music taste.

At the end of last year he revealed his favourite song of the year, now he has decided which rapper would win in a battle of words: Drake or Kendrick Lamar.

The two entertainers are reportedly having a minor feud, and the Internet has hotly debated who the better rapper is for some time now, but up until now no-one knew what POTUS thought.

While speaking to YouTuber Swoozie, Obama revealed which Star Wars character he would be (Han Solo), which trousers the dog should wear (just material on hind legs) and the better rapper.

“Gotta go with Kendrick,” the President answered. “I’m just saying. I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick, his lyrics — his last album was outstanding. Best album, I think, last year.”

That’s high praise, but not surprising seeing as his favourite song of last year was Kendrick’s ‘How much a Dollar Cost’ and he invited K-Dot to the White House earlier that week. Watch the whole hour long interview below, featuring two other YouTubers.

You can read about when Obama met Kendrick, here.

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